Ministry Vision

An empowered Youth and excelling Sport, Arts and Recreation Industries by 2030

Program Priorities

To deliver on it’s mandate the Ministry is guided by the following priorities

Youth Development and Economic Empowerment

Formulate and implement youth development and empowerment policies, programmes and projects.

Sport and Recreation promotion and Development

Formulate and implement sport and recreation policies and strategies.

Arts and Culture promotion and development

Formulate and implement arts and culture policies and strategies that facilitate the development of the arts and culture.

Our Principals

Hon. Kirsty Coventry


Hon. T. Machakaire


Dr. Chitepo


Youth Development Programs 

The goals of youth development programs is promote positive development, even when seeking to prevent problem behaviors. Youth development programs help youth navigate adolescence in healthy ways and pre- pare them for their future by fostering their positive development.

Ministry Core Values


Desire or love for one’s country.(Zimbabwe first)


Honesty, trustworthy, steadfast and adherence to moral and professional principles


State of being accountable, responsible for , answerable for one’s and our collective action.


Leveraging on each other’s experiences and strengths and working together.


initiating and embracing new methods or ideas of enhancing service delivery.


Government to avail youths with opportunities for development: Minister Kirsty Coventry

In celebrating the National Youth Day (NYD), the Government of Zimbabwe has promised to provide young people with vast opportunities to participate in national socio-economic development. In a statement, the Minister of Youth, Sports, Arts, and Recreation Dr. Kirsty Coventry said Government understands the needs of young people and on this day, it is of paramount importance to act accordingly on the needs of every youth.

President hands Matabeleland South youths 10ha plots

Ms LILIAN Mhlanga (28) from Insiza District is among 60 youths from Matebeleland South Province who have been awarded permits for 10 hectare A2 plots under the Presidential 10 hectaree Scheme, which seeks to empower youth people. This will enable Ms Mhlanga, who is a single mother, to explore her passion for farming. She started farming at a tender age while assisting her mother who was a member of Zhulube irrigation Scheme in Insiza.

Youths equipped with business skills

The Government has engaged youths in business with the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation bringing in various players such as registrar of companies and Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) to educate youths on business practices. The expo is geared at assisting youth entrepreneurs from the country's ten provinces to grow their business potential and tap into local and global trade markets.